Canister Studio
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About Canister Studio

About Canister Studio a production company in London and Barcelona started by two sisters. 



Canister Studio was started by directing sister duo Stella + Harriet Macdonald. Starting life in Tasmania, Australia, they learnt everything from all the VHS they could get their hands on (from the classics to Z grade movies).

They honed their skills in London with the likes of Sir Ian McKellen and working with brands including Adidas, Nokia, Swarovski, Shell,, Rimmel + Pantene.  Their work has taken them across the world and they never get bored of exploring, the globe and their craft.  

They do not believe in being the token females and each work expresses their desire for visual rebellion. They take work from conception through to delivery- each time striving to create ideas and imagery that will stay with the viewer- We are CANISTER.